Promo Awards

Djibouti - Paris

Save up to 50% on Award Miles with our Promo Awards@, available exclusively online! Check the website regularly as the new Promo Award@ destinations can be booked online as of the
1st of every month. There are now more award tickets available – especially in Economy Class – thanks to a greater choice of routes. This will make it even easier to combine a Promo Award@ flight with another flight, especially because you can book as early as three months ahead of the travel period. Plenty of time to prepare your trip!

Until 31 October 2015 only, we have a broad range of Business Class tickets to European destinations on offer. Save 25% on Award Miles with this month's 'Europe Specials' Promo Awards@ and fly away between 1 October and 31 October 2015! For your convenience, all of the Promo Awards@ are grouped by continent. Please note this list of destinations may be subject to change.
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